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Dec 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
defense ministry. that's the suicide car bombing then a few minutes late and great comment in which the uniforms and five the complex officials say it doesn't attack has been killed thomson hospital. this mike leigh's is from the yemeni defence ministry in the capital sana. in the morning. state employees the right to walk a car laden with explosives pulled up to the gates of the complex and desolate the mosque destroyed by a second vehicle packed with gunmen armed with assault rifles and grenades who opened fire on the cheap us now. yet we heard the sound of the explosion the whole neighborhoods yet it broke the windows of the houses. everyone was terrified of death the details and soldiers of torchwood been killed many more injured. the defense costs alone will keep michael in the attack as a school to be badly damaged. but yemeni officials say the situation is now under control. most of the gunman by inflating the government forces. at that retreat is gets claimed responsibility. al qaeda's brunch in the country has been blamed for an increasing number of attacks on the government's
Dec 3, 2013 7:00pm PST
different commands and defense if an idea it's because you signed your agreements is to say no to him because each and two tuesday that the that is just right now. i mean it's you want to sign a new agreement is to say no to rush out and to fuel chief culprit in the hands of russia. when you cleaned the question that loves to read before. on the me me me me it's you call it a dictatorship but there are elections there's the next elections in june two thousand the bowl beat the is the what is going well right now and the street. i quilted this is the that is putting up its fuel for one minute. joining history of independence a few create twenty second of it to tuesday. we didn't have to on the list. and this disc will be enough. who will be this way because of that. it never happened before. yes we will address that yes we were forced to not to comply with squares but we will bring them to face my list of companies and we loved eating and going to hospitals. after all this and it has happened before. right now we're just looking in its remit to form with two russian under the premi
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
defense doesn't pay tribute to mandela of the flats were at house mouse and we use the giant pictures of mandela inside the abc palace which sadly never happened before for a foreign leader. and so there was a lot of emotion but vivian that this since this was really something that was not expected and by the french authorities that so carefully prepare for this major major summits. thanks for that marc perlman their reporting from the summit. she and a day a week and there. oh we do not have mentioned and a renault hoped to restore that the connection with the man in a moment. the softer any what's also been interesting is that some of the discussion in the bin we've been speaking to the two delegations to be there is this friday so that some of the discussion has been. about what mandela means it has been the historical. it's like going out. what happened in the past you suddenly realize that with the passing nelson mandela that. it's also time for reflection on how the world has changed since the era of apartheid and since that era because we are it's that the us. he would do was a gr
Dec 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
president voiced opposition to china's new and defense and above disputed islands in the east china sea after meeting with china's president seeking painters i mention that these tensions to most open looks the meetings with officials went first on the agenda after two by untouched and increasing us vice president of them to fit the witness of christ eat or to the american embassy. i can for us the future he says shaw. they are for the leaders. call it the only way you make the remainder of the great wall was all a statement that could be read as the scientists went to china during the trip to normandy expected to be tense. coming as it doesn't mean just on schools by china's new light and air defense only seen a difference for balkan said insert your trip to tokyo by consent the us was deeply concerned by the move and he reaffirmed washington's commitment to keep current. a difficult juggling act for biden to me and politeness one eight in beijing discussion with president xi team came centered on the future of u s china relations. president she said the world's two largest economi
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
defense fund which hit the road costs it's taken. who gets screwed home to my new leader chinese supermarket retailers and friends are among the worst offenders when it comes to butchery in which the critics. they're not the only ones sectors like human resources technology and media attention turned to music read me a note isms which then spread sparking worries that the french line which is being watered down some native speakers have a hard time thinking of french translations are commonly used english words. star this post is that you see all costs. chuckles. boy some close ups as the phillies the way. let if league action. it's important to make an entrance this he meant no time for the french language. i don't reject foreign religions that every country has an identity a secret texted back to the front is broadcasting watchdog agrees its meeting on monday to discuss the pretty freakin of home plate in the media. your friends on tv. it is eleven minutes us that he intends me to hand you back to get the hands of all stuck together. let's see if the site's debates aren't many
Dec 2, 2013 7:00pm PST
the singer or fall on defense companies such as the movie there's this this here in france that done you are attracted to the deal mention it just now. this fear that said this is the slippery slope and which show afterwards. i will work the round the clock year this same as in other places we've just seen. and that france could become a little bit too much like will just head over the united states black friday one of our christmas shopping season starts in the store is open all the time. did you fear is though perhaps front of you a bit less french if you let the stores open. while. i think the prawn is not france or another country that brought in to see how you protect the workers. and i think this is the most important question. of course i believe that this is not only a fringe question answer your question and we have to have it now. rio to work to harmonize at the open meadow what are the social rights of the people. the fact that the some companies are struggling hard to open shops on sunday could be dangerous for the get go because collar worker can be a bow in his sho
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6